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Let's Bring Everyone Home Safe

Work Zones: Nearly 1,100 Die and 50,000 Are Injured Each Year

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No such thing as a routine traffic stop

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According to Occupational Hazards Magazine:

IP44 Weatherproof

Other Uses

Great For Dog Walking

Any Glove: Walk your dog at night hands free with light!

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Penny Test

100% Passed!


Quick Draw, you got this!


Signaling, Blinding, Covert Opps... You have options!

Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves for Every Situation

Tactical or Not..

Night or Day..

Anything You Need a Glove For..

Even When You Think You Don't..

Slip these on and Make Your Life Easier and Safer

Let's Go

This is a Pat Down

Keep your hands free. No need for a flashlight. Do it right, do it fast (but not like me, I need practice)

Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Work Gloves that can do anything

No Matter The Task No Matter The Time Of Day.

With multiple uses and multiple functions, these gloves are built to endure anything.

Fix it fast

Flat tire at night?

No worries, Fix it Fast

Fantastic for working on cars

Light excatly where you need it, no shadows, no issues!

Utility Everyday Gloves

Utility Gloves

Night or Day these are your handy go to gloves. Around the house or for your car. 

Quick cuff makes for easy on and off. Lightweight and Durable.

Let's Roll

Other Uses

What Will You Use Come Up With?

Endless opportunities with the pocket. Only limited by your imagination.

Better Than The Rest

More Bang For Your Buck

Better Glove, Better Offering, More Stuff, No Comparison

Save Money + Save Time + Save Effort + Save Space

Replace all of these and more