About Me and Why I Do This

Cade Cassidy

I am Cade currently a junior in High School at Mayo HS for MST in South Carolina and my journey started over a year ago when I began working for my family’s law enforcement, military and occupational store. Over the past year my desire and aspirations of attending the United States Air Force Academy grew as I interact daily with military veterans and members of law enforcement on all levels, from local PD to Sheriffs, SLED,etc. In our store we cater to all uniform personnel and it's awesome.  It was all the discussions and time spent our customers and clients, my vision to fill a need hit me. Daily we outfit officers from head to toe with clothes, gear and equipment. I mean these men and women are walking around with I don't know how many pounds of gear and I really thought to myself there has to be a better way but at the time I didn't know what. Soon after grasping the physical and online aspects of the business and continuously speaking with customers I spearheaded my own initiatives to expand the business and all around do more.

Now I can and will share all the little details that lead up to my invention to anyone who wants to know, just reach out via, email, a phone call or by popping into the store if you are in the area. But here is a quick start....

Well one night driving home I stopped at a routine road block and when the officer approached my window with a flashlight in hand he misjudged the depth, hit my car and dropped the flashlight inside my car. So that is the start. The idea really hit me later that week when the officer came into the store and we talked about the incident and he shared with me situations like that where the outcome was not good. It was then the idea started to hit me and I went to work on my invention. 

Currently, I am finishing up my junior year of high school and want to use this summer '17 to take this to the next level. 

I love the idea of giving back. I do believe wholeheartedly that these gloves can and will save lives so I also will give back 6% of all tactical gloves sold. I will have a fund set aside and allow individuals, groups, organizations whomever recommend where the funds should be allocated on a semi-annual basis or if the circumstances require it, immediately. I will provide full transparency, I'm not hiding anything.

I know I posses a high degree of ethics and social skills and I won't settle for anything less from myself or others I work with.  I have a focus and passion that I hope will lead me making this dream a reality.

Core Values

  1. Give Back to Those Who Serve
  2. Be Creative and Think Big
  3. Build Open and Honest Relationships
  4. Do More with Less
  5. Be Passionate and Determined
  6. Demonstrate Your Support
  7. Always Be Faithful
  8. Be Humble
  9. Be Purpose Driven